Window Cleaning: Tips to save money on Cleaning

Make Sure you tidy: Every morning take 5 minutes of cleaning to blow through the house tidying things up and putting...

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  1. Make Sure you tidy: Every morning take 5 minutes of cleaning to blow through the house tidying things up and putting dirt away before doing actual cleaning
  1. Avoid cleaning kid’s room: Let the kids clean their own room. Cleaning is a good skill everybody must learn.
  1. Rotate your service: Most rooms don’t need everyday cleaning. You can clean them every week or every other week.
  1. Always ask for rates for lightly used areas of your house: Rooms like guest rooms don’t get used very often they only use whenever guests visit your house. If you don’t want that part to get cleaned always ask for rates before inviting cleaning services to your home.

How to give your window sparkling clean look

  • Gather all required tools and things you would need. There are few things that you need to perform in a basic cleaning job on your windows, like:
  • Scrubbing bar
  • Pad for drying
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Rag cloth or clean cloth
  • Bucket filled with cleaning solution
  • Big towel to protect nearby floors
  • Clean immovable stains by spraying on the affected area with pure vinegar and sit for at least five minutes. Use a wet cloth to rub the stain, and move ahead with regular cleaning. Make a paste with water and a cleaner that contains acid and then apply it to the affected area with a clean cloth and give it a good rub. Wash away the paste and clean normally.
  • Remove stickers and decals. Removing sticky substances from windows can be difficult so don’t get so hard on it. Just Spray the stickers with water and let it get settled for a couple of minutes and then hold the scraper against the window at a 45-degree and start removing underneath the stickers. Lastly, use a towel to wipe away water from window.
  • Remove and clean the screens. Cleaning is must and should be every time you clean the windows, might be after every 6 months. Vacuum the window screens every time to get rid of dust and dirt.
  • Clean up all the excess water. Places where water spilled, dripped, or ran down the window; wipe that area dry with an absorbent. This will prevent streaks on the window. Pat dry.

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