How Many Ways Electricity Depends on Our Daily Life

Electricity is an integral part of our daily life as we cannot think of a world...

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prepaid Energy, prepaid Electricity, ElectricityElectricity is an integral part of our daily life as we cannot think of a world without the use of electricity. We use electricity for various human activities such as residential, medical, engineering, communication, transportation and so on. The innovation of electricity has eliminated the darkness and illuminated every portion of our life. Every individual has become accustomed to using electricity for illuminating houses, switching on televisions, charging laptops, cooking food and to functioning any other electrical products. The majority of our activities include electrical energy. As one of the most significant aspects of modern living, we use energy every second in every day. Following are the three major uses of electrical energy:

Residential Uses

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Residential use of energy is the most basic uses of electrical energy. The average American homeowner uses more electrical energy than every other homeowner around the world. The use residential energy includes watching television, washing clothes, washing drying dishes, heating and cooling the home, lighting the home, taking a shower, using laptop or computer, flushing the toilet and cooking.

When compared to other sectors, residential uses of energy account for almost forty percent of total energy use globally. So there is no surprise that all the energy consumed in the United States used to power home and functioning all electrical equipment. In the last decades of the 20th century, more than half of the residential energy used for heating and cooling purposes. But now the studies show that the kitchen appliances, electronics, and lighting account the most significant part of the residential electrical energy.


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Transportation is highly dependent on electric energy. The accelerated use of plug-in electric vehicles has the potential to reduce oil dependence of the United States, air pollution, and gas emissions while improving the demand for electricity and enhancing the electrical stability. The transition from other energy forms such as Petroleum to electricity as a fuel would require a high-level integration of the transportation and electricity sectors. As a result, supply chains have developed for expanding the US electric transportation sector.  It may create high-value job opportunities and boost economic competitiveness. However, it also raises issues regarding the sources of critical materials.

Industrial and Commercial Uses

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Energy is one of the basic and essential factors of production, along with labor power, capital, and resources. Electrical energy is the power or capacity for doing work. Every individual has started to think about consuming electricity wisely and efficiently. Therefore, management of electrical energy is very important in order to produce goods and services with the reduced cost and low environmental effect.

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Commercial use of energy is the use of electrical energy in the commercial sector. It includes the lighting of commercial spaces, the power used by companies and business throughout the cities and so on. The uses of electrical energy in the commercial sector are more or less similar to the uses in the industrial sector. Energy saving here though is targeted at the corporate world rather than at individuals.



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