Things to know about Sikkim

Once you travel to the north east of the country, you would exactly know the meaning of charisma and charm. Amidst of the magnificent Himalaya region, there...

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Once you travel to the north east of the country, you would exactly know the meaning of charisma and charm. Amidst of the magnificent Himalaya region, there is a very small state Sikkim; the least populated state of India, bordered by three different countries is perhaps belongs to the iconic group which pours the real taste of culture and ethnicity. The place has preserved several national heritage and home of various species of flora and fauna.

Almost for whole year, Sikkim is flocked with thousands of tourists. Though Sikkim tour packages are in high demand but one could manage to grab a good deal anytime. Before travelling to any place, a firm knowledge about the region is must. Its climatic condition, transport facilities, lodging facilities are few such points which need to be studied. Here, is a list of all intrigues, one want to know.

  • Rain/Snow Proof yourself

The small state is geographically placed in between the Himalaya region. Usually, state experience 5 season winter, summer, spring, autumn, and monsoon. Most of the time the temperature is moderate and seldom cross 30* in summer. The average temperature of the region is 17*c. But, point to be noted is, Sikkim is one of those places in India which receives regular rainfall.  The region of tundra is the coolest place in Sikkim; temperature almost fall to 0*c every night. So, it is quite possible that while you are travelling to one place to another, you could receive an abrupt rainfall or snowfall. It is better to be prepared for this menace.

  • Prayer flags

The essence of Buddhism is spread in the air of Sikkim. One could receive positive vibes while travelling along the road in Sikkim through these prayer flags. Basically, the state is known for its colourful and vibrant atmosphere. The Buddhists for centuries have mounted these 5 colour flags on the street of region. Every colour symbolizes a specific basic element. Yellow symbolizes earth, green–water, red-fire, white-air and blue-space. It is believed that flags bring happiness and prosperity to the people.

  • Transportation and roads

If you are planning to visit Sikkim in this summer, I suggest you to keep more budgets for the local transportation. It is a major problem in Sikkim. Except for the toy train in Darjeeling, there is no such bus or train facility in the state. Though, you have ample opportunities to hire a rental taxi or cab within the region. Only nearby region of the capital of the state, Gangtok have good maintained roads, otherwise the condition is miserable in north Sikkim.

  • Permit are must

Sikkim is the only state of India which is bordered by three different countries of Asia, hence travelling in Sikkim especially in north and east region requires special permission from the authorities. Tourists can avail these permits on the spot, with an id proof. It is suggested to apply for the permit a day before to save time.

  • Local hospitality

Beside, the beauty of the region, festivals, adventurous sports; one more unique feature which constitute the place as a popular tourist destination is its hospitality. People here are extremely warm and well mannered. As the major source of income for them is tourism, one could expect great gesture. They tend to involve everyone in their culture, stories and experience if treated well.

Sikkim is one amongst the most serene and peaceful places of the country.  The rising and setting of sun, snow capped mountains and the virtues of monasteries are the mesmerizing sights of the state.

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