Tips to do Most Weird Things to do in Ladakh

Ladakh is undoubtedly the place which can crave you for exploring the natural beauty amidst the great clan of mountains and awe-inspiring landscapes. With the first foot...

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Ladakh is undoubtedly the place which can crave you for exploring the natural beauty amidst the great clan of mountains and awe-inspiring landscapes. With the first foot in Ladakh, you would be smitten by its heavenly beauty. Vagabonds refer the place as the only ‘paradise on earth’ for its unparalleled look defined by snow-capped high peaks, cold deserts, and massive glaciers. The storming rivers and lakes are no less than adventurous and loved by visitors. This piece of land offers enormous beauty and activities to do; it is obvious that Leh Ladakh tour packages are always in high demand.

Here are some unusual things to do in Ladkah, to add spice in your trip.

  • A visit to the Ladakh Palace

Visiting palaces are one of the exciting events to experience anywhere but doing so in Ladakh is a step above; way more exciting and charming. This nine storey high structure was actually modeled on the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. The palace belongs to the Namgyal dynasty of Ladakh built by Sengge Namgyal. The exquisite exhibitions in study room and enchanted prayer room are good to experience but the most enjoyable part is to witness panoramic views of Stok Kangri in the Zangskar Mountain across the Indus valley.

  • A night spend in Monastery

Ladakh is said to be the centre of Buddhism religion in India. The place is highly influenced by Tibetan culture, hence stores various spiritual monasteries including the famous Hemis Monastery and Spituk Monastery.  Nothing could be more peaceful than spending a whole day in monastery surrounded between positive vibes. Knowing the everyday routine of lamas, listening preaches from monks, enjoying hot meal with monastery servicemen would give a lifetime experience in a single day.

  • Be a part of their festival

The secret to enjoy every tour to the fullest is to plan it at the time of the regional festivals. Ladakh is one place which has all year long festival celebration, providing more chance to be a part of them in any season. At the time of festival, local people gather at one place and celebrate the event. Colourful mask dances, archery and polo matches and group prayers, all could be witness during festivals.

  • Enjoy snow sports

Every romantic saga is much more cherished on snow clans; this is what we had been looking in all our films. Ladakh experiences chilling weather all over the year so the place is full of snow. But the most bulky snow is witnessed during December to March. Certainly the time is not peak tourist season due to harsh climatic condition but the time is perfect for ice lovers. In this period, several ice hockey tournaments are organized by local government. One can play ice hockey, do ice-skating or even snow fighting would be delightful event with your kids, love partner and family.

  • Donkey Sanctuary

I know this would sound little weird but this article is all about offbeat things. There is donkey sanctuary in Leh which is one of its own kinds in India, established for helpless donkeys to have a peaceful resting. The other entire look like species of donkeys like asses and mules are also a part of this Sanctuary. The sanctuary supports the noble cause and visitors can sponsor, donate or even can adopt a donkey, if they wish.

There are much more wild things to do in Ladakh. The place is really a paradise of earth with beauty and humanity in environment and people.

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