6 Things You Will Learn While Driving Across The United States

For decades, the United States has caught the interest of people from countries around the world for its various...

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For decades, the United States has caught the interest of people from countries around the world for its various charms. That’s why it continues to be among the most visited countries on the planet, as the world just can’t get enough of it. But, have you ever wondered or tried to understand what it is that catches the world’s attention? In order to understand it better, we recommend you take drive across the country to see its natural wonders and famous monuments. This way, you can see each of its regions and states, with their own unique geography, culture, cuisine. Driving will help you dive deep into the history of the country and take a peek into its diversity.

Here’s are 6 things you will surely learn and experience while driving across the United States –

1. The United States is gigantic

A road trip across the United States seems to take a long time because the country is very, very large. You will need to drive for hours to get to each state and attraction. While driving, you are still able to see a lot of each state and its remarkable beauty.

2. It’s a land of diverse landscapes

You’d feel disappointed if you approached the country hoping to discover its culture. Instead of widespread beliefs and backgrounds, it’s made up of micro-cultures pieced together by a set of ethics and principles. Your road trip will help you encounter diverse people with varying outlooks on life. You will realize how an urban setting is entirely different from a laidback life in Mississippi.

3. A great diversity in foods

Cuisines from all around the world have a dominant presence in this country, as it is considered a melting pot of many cultures. So, while driving, you could taste Japanese sushi, Indian curry, Vietnamese pho, Thai sea delights all within a big city on your trip. When you are in the south, you can taste classic southern dishes such as a shrimp po boy or crawfish. Plus, there are loads of local specialities to try that you may not find anywhere else.

4. It’s a delight for budget travelers

Many may not believe that the United States is great for travelers on a budget. The trick, however, lies in drifting further from major cities and touristy areas to experience the budget side of the country or local neighborhoods. After all, you can’t expect New York sightseeing to be ultra-cheap as it is in a mega city. Here, you can find places to stay and eat on a budget, but it will take some extra planning.

5. A rural land with vast empty spaces

The United States is typically the opposite to the glitz, glamor, neon lights and skyline often beamed on TV or in the media. While you will see some of that glamor in certain cities, such as New York or Los Angeles, it does not exist everywhere. During a drive across the country, you will see how there are vast stretches of empty land, dotted with small towns and rural neighborhoods. The countryside makes up for two-thirds of the country where you could drive for hours and spot nothing more than farm animals and open fields.

6. It’s full of cheery people

Although some may believe Americans are not always friendly, that is not the case. You will encounter plenty of people who are willing to point you in the right direction if you find yourself lost, as well as offer tips and suggestions for local things to see and do.

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